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Dental Sedation Courses E-school has been developed to offer high quality, affordable and accessible intravenous and inhalation sedation training to Dentists, DCPs and Dental Nurses. The ultimate aim being to make: safe, accessible and affordable conscious sedation available to all patients in primary care and ease the dependence on hospital care for these services. Our courses have been fully accredited by either the IACSD and STAC via the Royal College of Surgeons or NEBDN. Our Blended learning course format for all of our courses gives you the option to complete the entire course from your home and/or practice saving expenses and most importantly your time. You can also visit our partnered sedation facility to complete all of your mentored cases with patients provided...

Why E-school?

How do our courses compare to conventional courses

  • No days away from practice saving both precious time and capital

  • Learn the theory at your own pace in your own time with ongoing support

  • Access to courses for 12 months and courses updated monthly with the latest developments/guidelines in this rapidly changing area

  • Complete flexibility and immediate availability, no waiting for specific theory days that might not suit you when they come around

  • All reading material, resources and templates downloadable with access for 12 months

  • FREE dental nurse accredited training/vCPD with every dentist on Refresher course

Complete conscious sedation for New starters (Dentists and Dental Nurses)

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This is our most comprehensive and most recently IACSD accredited training course. it consists of 24 hours vCPD for the theory and knowledge content alone. Like all of our courses you will complete the theory aspects entirely online and proceed to complete your mentored cases either at your own clinic or one of our mentor centres (whichever suits you best). The ongoing support lasts forever and we make sure that you are fully prepared for independent practice following the course. You can find out more here about the syllabus and free gifts as well enrol today....
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NEBDN Dental sedation nursing certificate


This is considered by the RCS, the gold standard in dental sedation nursing training. It is not for the faint hearted and requires a lot of work along with a final written examination. All theory content is completed online and on top of 7 days a week support we will also send you the recommended textbook and revision textbook free of charge... find out all about the course here and enrol today.....
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Intravenous Sedation for New Starter Dentists

Available now

Fully Comprehensive Intravenous sedation training leading to independent provision of sedation services; utilise one of our sedation mentor centres if needed and complete all theory online. Visit the course page here and enrol online today.....
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Conscious Sedation Refresher Course (IV and RA)

Available now

For Experienced IV and RA sedation practitioners: gain a massive 20 hours of sedation vCPD (12 per technique are now mandatory per 5 year cycle) and get free access for one dental nurse per dentist (certification and vCPD). *This is not suitable for dentists new to IV/RA sedation.* NB: The Refresher Course will take around 20 hours to complete in total and it updated throughout the year to reflect the latest developments/changes
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Training Guidelines

England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

In case you are a little unsure as to which guidelines you should be following whether you are in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland we have summarised the answer here: The Intercollegiate Advisory Committee for Sedation in Dentistry (IACSD) guidelines came out in April 2015 with the aim of creating a UK-wide guideline document for conscious sedation in dentistry; this was soon implemented by NHS England and underwent a review process by the Chief Dental officers and assigned bodies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. (It could not be implemented simultaneously in all countries of the UK as a result of the devolved nature of the health service) In Scotland the The Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP) 2017 sedation guidelines are the latest to follow which reflect the IACSD guidelines in almost all aspects and in terms of conscious sedation education and training refer directly to the IACSD 2015 document. In Wales the IACSD guidelines 2015 alongside the SDCEP 2017 guidelines are also followed and training guidelines refer directly to the IACSD 2015 document again. In Northern Ireland currently the IACSD 2015 guidelines are yet to be fully implemented and so the Department of Health's advice is to continue to follow the ‘Minimum Standards Dental Care and Treatment’ (NI), 2011. Especially relevant are Standards 8.6 & 12.1-4. and ‘Conscious Sedation in the provision of dental care’, Standing Dental Advisory Committee report, Department of Health, 2003. As a result the training requirements are not quite as strict as those in the other UK countries but they are similar in terms of the need for both adequate and specific theory and mentored practical training as well as appropriate life support training.

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