Who is it for?

Refresher training

Our 2 day IV and RA sedation refresher course is for experienced intravenous sedation and inhalation sedation teams and individuals looking to update and refresh their knowledge and maintain their CPD. The course is completed entirely online saving you precious time away from your practice. This Course is based on a condensed version of the sedation diploma syllabus and so is the most comprehensive of its kind. If you do not already undertake sedation practice then please take a look at our course for beginners.

Whats included

Refresher training

  • 14 hours (over 2 days) vCPD for Dentists and DCPs completed entirely from home or your surgery

  • 2 day Comprehensive Syllabus based on the National Diploma in Conscious Sedation including IV, RA and Oral sedation along with updates on the latest guidelines and regulations, tasks to complete to update your policies and free templates to update your consent processes etc.... completed entirely online

  • Combination of videos, articles, quizzes and downloads to ensure learning is engaging and memorable. Pause, rewind and rewatch at your leisure

  • Free training and 14 hours vCPD certification for 1 Dental Nurse for each Dentist including their own USB... no full or half fees like other venue courses

  • Dental Sedation Courses memory stick with over 50 downloadable resources from consent, discharge criteria and escort instructions templates to equipment lists and everything else you could need to get started/update your sedation process

  • Free High Quality Cannulation Practice arm for all Team Training Packages! (just add red food colouring!)

Why take this course?

  • 14 hours vCPD

    Current guidelines state you should have 12 hours verifiable CPD for each sedation technique per 5 year cycle; this course will give you 14 hours of this and more with documented use of the cannulation practice arm at your surgery!

  • Update your knowledge

    Our Refresher course is based on a condensed version of the IV and RA sedation aspects of the Conscious Sedation Diploma as well as explaining the latest guidelines and requirements when offering IV and RA sedation to keep you on the right side of the GDC

  • Nurses go free

    For every Dentist that undertakes the Refresher training we will give you free access for one dental nurse and you will both receive certification and the verifiable CPD; On account of the reduced fee per head on the team packages it makes this comprehensive training very cost effective.

Refresher IV and RA sedation training

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IACSD accredited beginner course?

Beginner Course