Current Sedation Mentoring Guidelines

To comply with the latest IACSD guidelines for new starters or beginners in Conscious sedation in Dentistry, delegates must complete not only the didactic training but they must log 20 mentored clinical cases for IV sedation and 10 mentored clinical cases for inhalation sedation before they can operate independently. This is to ensure safe, confident and competent practice from the start. A minimum of 5 sedation assessments must also be evaluated by the clinical assessor. If you are new to sedation you cannot legally learn this technique from anyone other than an IACSD accredited course and you cannot be mentored by anyone that hasn't been IACSD approved. For this reason, to compliment our online didactic conscious sedation courses we have set up the DSC sedation mentoring scheme to make your training as simple as possible. You have 3 options for sedation mentoring...

OPTION 1: Sedation Mentor Centre

We are fortunate to be able to offer the opportunity to complete all of your supervised cases at our partnered sedation centre in Luton, UK. You have the option to attend on Mondays, Thursdays or Fridays and the dates are arranged with yourself to fit around your schedule. Supervising and Mentoring is one to one and we recommend you bring your dental nurse to have their cases signed off at the same time as yourself (for no additional fee). This is by far the easiest, quickest and most cost effective way to complete your mentored cases and there is a set fee for this (not a daily rate and so won't be affected if there are any no shows etc on the days you are there). For more information contact us today or email us on

Option 2: Self provided DSC assessed sedation mentor scheme

If you would prefer to utilise a suitably experienced practitioner of your choosing then this is perfectly fine too. They must have completed an accredited training course themselves such as our course for New Starters and be experienced in conscious sedation. You can arrange your own times and dates with the mentor and we will be on hand to advise and assess throughout.​ Any financial arrangements are between you and your mentor. We MUST approve your mentor as suitable prior to commencing the practical cases.

Option 3: Provided Sedation Mentor

We can arrange for one of our experienced IACSD accredited DSC mentors to supervise your cases, they will help you complete your logbook of cases, competencies, reflections and assessments as well as facilitate your final accreditation and certification.Our Diploma qualified experienced mentors will supervise you at your own practice sedating your own patients for a set day rate of £800-£1500 depending on location. Contact us here or on to discuss this further or arrange this.

Option 4: All Inclusive Mentored Training

  • Unique option that will train you and your team from beginners to independent sedation providers which includes:

  • New starter 2 day online theory course for 1 dentist and upto 3 dental nurses!

  • 5 full days of mentoring in your own practice from a leading Diploma qualified sedation mentor to achieve your required mentored cases

  • Full assistance in completion of logbooks, directly observed clinical practice and competencies, practice assessments and case studies

  • Supply of reference textbooks, USB memory sticks, cannulation practice arm, downloadable templates and resources and assistance in setting up practice to offer sedation services safely

  • Supply of sedation and monitoring equipment from recommended equipment list including the pulse oximeter and blood pressure monitor which you will keep afterwards so you can just focus on the sedation itself. (you need to have your own medical emergency kit)

  • Final assessments and certifications for you and your team enabling you to offer and provide independent IV sedation services

  • 12 month access to online lectures and downloads for future reference.

  • the total fee for this service is £7999 or we can arrange a bespoke package to meet your needs

  • NOTE: For Inhalation Sedation The Mentoring is completed over 2 full days and typical package fees are £2750; we will get you set up with all the equipment but you will purchase this separately to suit your needs

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